German carrier outperforms other brands in survey0 (0)

German carrier outperforms other brands in survey
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September 8, 2023

Hamburg line Hapag-Lloyd has trumped other leading multi-national brands in a profit-per-employee survey for EU companies.

Conducted by Search Intelligence in partnership with fintech giant, Plus500, the carrier was found to have yielded revenue of $1.25 per employee.

The survey comprised the EU’s top 100 companies and included at least two energy companies, Shell and BP, as well as luxury vehicle manufacturer, Ferrari.

Hapag-Lloyd was found to have pulled well clear of its nearest competitor, Shell, having made more than £1 058 898 per employee, almost triple that of the Dutch oil and gas explorer.

A competing line that came closest to Hapag-Lloyd’s stellar performance was Maersk with earnings of £233 163 per employee.   

It secured sixth place for the Danish line.

The results mean Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk overshadowed previous top performers of the profit-per-employee survey, FANG, an acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

However, it was noted that 2022 marked the best bull-market year for the liner trade so far this century.

Some shipping media reported that the combined take-home yield of carriers in 2022 was more than the total amount made by the ocean freight industry this century.

Artificial intelligence platform Perplexity reports the following: “Based on the search results, the liner trade made a profit of $200 billion in 2022.

“However, one specific liner company, Hapag-Lloyd, reported a record profit of 17 billion euros ($18.08 billion) for 2022, which is an 88% increase from the previous year.”

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