Gantry crane topples, kills three security guards

Three people were killed when a crane collapsed at the inland Wuhu Shipyard in China on Friday night.

A heavy storm lashed the city of Wuhu in Anhui province on Friday, recording wind speeds of Force 12. 

The powerful winds toppled a 450-tonne gantry crane at the shipyard. The crane smashed into a security guard station, killing three security guards on duty at the time. 

Powerful thunderstorms also hit the rest of the province, and in Nanjing, winds overturned cargo trucks and uprooted trees. In Shanghai, officials took safety measures and temporarily suspended inland passenger vessel operations until the storm had passed.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the crane incident at the shipyard, according to local media reports.  

Wuhu Shipyard is a medium-sized operation on the Yangtze River that has been in business producing a range of specialised ships for project cargo operators since 1990. It is located about 400km inland from Shanghai. – SOURCE: Maritime Executive.

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