DP World water aid flows to Hammanskraal

DP World water aid flows to Hammanskraal

June 14, 2023


Emirati logistics multinational, DP World, has joined relief efforts to assist the cholera-stricken community in Hammanskraal in northern Gauteng.

Through its South African business, Imperial, it has delivered approximately 186,000 litres of safe drinking water to the area over the past two weeks.

Hammanskraal remains at the epicentre of a recent cholera outbreak in South Africa.

While cholera cases have been confirmed in four other South African provinces thus far, Hammanskraal has been hardest hit by the outbreak, recording over 20 deaths and more than 100 hospitalisations.

Working with the Gift of the Givers Foundation – the largest disaster response non-governmental organisation of African origin on the continent – DP World identified appropriate distribution points within the community and will continue to replenish the water supply over the next few days.

“The water we provide to the Hammanskraal community has been tested and certified to ensure its safety for drinking and household use,” says Mohammed Akoojee, CEO and managing director of sub-Saharan Africa at DP World.

“Our water tankers were also fitted with custom-made hoses to allow for easy decanting of drinking water into household containers. Since arriving in Hammanskraal, hundreds of people have collected water from our tankers, and we are glad to be able to assist this community in its time of need.”

Cholera is caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae and is typically spread through contaminated water or food. It is prevented by ensuring access to clean water and proper sanitation and promoting good hygiene practices, such as regular handwashing.

A statement issued by DP World said: “Should you or your loved ones experience any related cholera symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps or dehydration, you are strongly advised to seek urgent medical attention at your nearest medical facility.”


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