DP World proceeds with electrification projects in Brazil

DP World proceeds with electrification projects in Brazil.png

DP World is accelerating its adoption of renewable energy at the Port of Santos in Brazil making another step towards carbon neutrality by 2040.

The initial phase of the electrification process includes the replacement of diesel fuel with electric power for the Santos terminal’s Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTGs) container handling cranes. A total of 22 diesel-fueled units will be electrified, by the end of next year, with an investment of over US$16.2 million.

The first RTG machine in the fleet already operates sustainably on 100% electric power and by the end of 2023, another four machines will be converted.

The electrification process works through a system of overhead cables similar to electric buses. According to DP Wolrd, applying this innovative technology to RTGs will reduce the terminal’s diesel consumption by up to 60%.

“The conversion of the RTGs is a critical step in our decarbonisation efforts and aligns with our overall focus on sustainability,” commented Fábio Siccherino, CEO of DP World Santos.

“In addition to improved environmental care and climate performance, this change is also expected to bring additional operational benefits, as the technology offers low maintenance costs, increased productivity of the RTGs, and improved equipment reliability,” he added.

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