CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal joins Portchain Connect network

CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal joins Portchain Connect network

December 5, 2023

Portchain, a provider of berth alignment solutions for container terminals and carriers, announced that CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal (CSPADT) will join Portchain Connect network.

CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal is set to leverage Portchain Connect to enhance the efficiency and precision of their berth alignment processes with customers, facilitated through digital handshakes and secure data sharing.

Portchain has expressed its enthusiasm about its collaboration with CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal, aiming to streamline communication channels and enhance overall berth alignment. Through Portchain Connect, CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal is expected to gain the capability to receive real-time schedule and move count updates directly from carrier systems.

“We are excited to work with CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal and help them drive efficiencies in their berth alignment process by facilitating streamlined data exchange. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and continuously improving the platform based on user feedback,” stated Thor Thorup, CCO and co-founder.

Furthermore, Portchain Connect optimises the scheduling data flow, reducing the time required to align berthing windows. This platform facilitates the seamless exchange of high-quality data between terminals and carriers, minimising delays in information transmission, while users benefit from a user-friendly interface that offers a comprehensive overview of all vessel calls, according to a statement.

Additionally, Portchain Connect aims to ensure the secure transfer of berthing information, eliminating the expenses associated with manual, non-digitized communication, while this streamlined process allows stakeholders to align on berthing windows, ultimately enhancing schedule reliability.

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