Cryptocurrency staking: is it Safe?

Cryptocurrency staking: is it Safe?

August 15, 2023

You definitely heard that the future belongs to cryptocurrencies. Virtual assets are used to increase income and protect your savings. Many companies are implementing coin payment for your goods and services. To earn tokens, you need to spend a lot of time. First, you need to analyze the market, choose a profitable cryptocurrency pair, and guess the best moment for the exchange. All this takes at least a few hours.

But there is an option that allows you to earn passive income from your virtual assets. Cryptocurrency staking is a way to get extra coins and not sit around the clock waiting for a victorious moment for purchase or exchange.

A Bit About Cryptocurrency Staking

Stake Bitcoins or other assets are becoming increasingly popular for making money on digital assets. You give away a certain amount of coins for a certain period to ensure the blockchain’s operation. It allows you to strengthen the system and makes it safer. And you, in turn, receive passive income for allocating tokens. In essence, staking is when cryptocurrency works for you.

It should be understood that staking is an integral part of the blockchain. It is who makes the ecosystem smoother and more reliable. When participating in this process, you also become a guarantor that protects the system from hacks and attacks.

Before participating in this process, it is worth understanding the risks of staking crypto. It is not a complicated process, but it has its own characteristics and advantages worth knowing about.

Why Investors Prefer Staking Cryptocurrencies

First, let’s understand, is staking crypto safe? It is a completely secure process where you send your coins to the blockchain to make it work. All ecosystems are maximally protected from hacker attacks and other troubles. Therefore, users are actively choosing cryptocurrency staking as a tool for passive income.

One of the main reasons people decide to stake is the ability to earn extra income and not spend a lot of time on it. With it, you can get a solid percentage, quickly covering all possible expenses.

The second reason why you should pay attention to staking is simplicity. Any user can master this process. You do not need special technical knowledge or additional equipment. It is enough to buy some coins, find where to stake crypto and connect to the pool.

Thanks to staking, you can support your favorite blockchain. It is a great tool to become a new team member and get rewarded for it. Some ecosystems give validators the right to vote. That is, if you participate in the staking of the platform, you can vote for the implementation of new features and propose your changes. It is a real chance to take a direct part in developing a digital asset.

Staking allows you to minimize the risks of market volatility. With it, you can avoid the trouble that causes market volatility. Even if the value of the asset changes, you will still receive a percentage for using the cryptocurrency. Best places to stake crypto offer relatively high rates that cover all fluctuations in the rate of virtual assets.

Top Five Risks of Staking Cryptocurrency

It is essential to understand that staking cryptocurrency has its risks. Before investing money, it is worth studying all the features of the process and soberly assess the situation.

The principal risks of staking virtual assets include:

  • it is impossible to use assets that are in staking;
  • changes in the price of a virtual asset;
  • duration of income;
  • cutting;
  • blockchain hacks.

If you are concerned about the question: can you lose money staking crypto? Then it would help to familiarize yourself with all the risks in detail. It is essential to understand that you give your assets for temporary use when staking. As long as they are used to keep the blockchain running, you will not be able to conduct any financial transactions. The duration of the restriction depends on the characteristics of the ecosystem. But still, he is. And if the asset’s value suddenly increases, you cannot withdraw the token and exchange it quickly.

The second risk is that when staking, the value of your cryptocurrency drops. It is not a critical value, leading to the loss of all investments. Plus, the interest rates pay for it. But you should be prepared for this risk.

If you receive funds in half an hour (maximum two) when buying or exchanging cryptocurrency, then staking does not work that way. There are very few blockchains that list rewards every day. Plus, this is a small amount, which makes this activity seem unprofitable. To get a solid amount will have to wait a long time.

Staking validators must be constantly active to be rewarded. If the user allows a simple block or signs the same information twice, the operator can truncate it. It is infrequent. But it is essential to know all the features and requirements of the blockchain so as not to fall undercuts and restrictions.

All blockchains have a reasonably robust security system. Hacking the system is almost impossible. But there is a risk of hacking the staking pool. It will result in a loss of funds and a decrease in the value of virtual assets. Therefore, choosing a good platform and following all safety rules is extremely important.

How to Avoid Possible Risks When Staking Virtual Assets

We figured out what does it mean to stake a cryptocurrency, and we also studied all the advantages and risks of this tool. Let’s now look at the main points that will make this process as safe as possible and help minimize possible risks.

Foremost, it is worth answering the following questions:

  • Have you used passive income tools before?
  • Do you need tokens?
  • Do you believe in the selected project?

It is essential to understand that receiving a considerable amount with passive income is very difficult immediately. Even if the blockchain transfers interest daily, it will be a meager amount of coins. You can see an excellent income after a reasonably long period. Therefore, it is worth understanding whether you are ready for this.

Second question: will you require tokens? Blockchain freezes your coins for the duration of staking. You cannot exchange or withdraw your funds, even if you really want to. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh all aspects of this decision adequately. You also need to analyze the market to predict the movement of the price of a digital asset.

When you decide to start staking, you support the project. Therefore, you must understand how promising it is and whether you like it. It is also worth considering how your attitude to the ecosystem will change if the value of a digital asset falls, and whether you will be further interested in the platform if developers introduce new options. By staking cryptocurrency, you receive passive income and become a team member. Therefore, you must study all the platform’s features to choose.

Secure Cryptocurrency Staking: Instructions

To safely engage in cryptocurrency staking, understanding how it works is worth. Everything is straightforward, especially if you follow the instructions:

  • buy cryptocurrency first;
  • send it to your own wallet;
  • choose a blockchain for staking;
  • transfer the required number of coins.

Not all cryptocurrencies are available for staking. The most popular options are Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Tezos, EOS – EOS. It is also worth paying attention to the conditions and features of staking. Each blockchain sets a minimum pool entry threshold. It would help to familiarize yourself with it to buy a suitable number of coins on the exchange.

After buying tokens, they will be in the wallet of your exchange. It is safer to send them to a personal cryptocurrency wallet. You can use cold storage to ensure maximum protection for your assets.

When choosing a blockchain for staking, it is worth considering its productivity, work transparency, and security level. When studying a virtual ecosystem, please consider the number of transactions it processes and the servers’ location. It is also worth studying the attitude of the platform towards stakes. This information will be on the site if the company has nothing to hide.

Separately, it is worth noting the importance of security. Hackers often try to break into staking pools. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what measures the blockchain uses to protect users from this.

Interest rate — the amount of your remuneration. Proven blockchains rarely promise massive amounts. It is better to decide on platforms that offer up to 5%. It is the best solution that allows you to receive passive income and avoid cooperation with scammers.

Then you need to join a staking pool. You can use the minimum number of coins or use more cryptocurrencies. After that, you will become an ecosystem member and receive your reward.

Who is Eligible for Cryptocurrency Staking?

Cryptocurrency staking is suitable for those users who want a passive income from their cryptocurrency. If you have coins and are sure you will not use them, you can safely invest in the selected project.

If you are just starting to invest in digital assets, then choosing another income option is better. You should not invest in all cryptocurrencies in staking. This tool has its own risks. And with the wrong approach, you can lose all your savings.


Cryptocurrency staking is a tool for passive income. But like any financial investment, it has risks, features, and benefits. It is essential to carefully study this process’s features, decide a melting platform for staking, and figure out how to avoid risks. In this case, you can receive passive income from your assets consistently.

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