Carrier to install telematics devices on reefer fleet

Carrier to install telematics devices on reefer fleet

June 19, 2023

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has announced plans to install telematics devices on its reefer box fleet, marking a significant milestone in its digitalisation strategy. 

As refrigerated commodities are sensitive, the carrier aims to deliver to customers comprehensive visibility of their cargo and optimised operational decision-making using telematics devices.

“We believe technology-enabled containers are the future of shipping, and we are excited to embark on this next step in our digital transformation journey using cutting-edge solutions to benefit our customers and industry,” said Kenichi Michida, senior vice president, strategic yield management. 

Key benefits of the initiative include:
●    Enhanced visibility: Telematics devices will provide ONE with active monitoring data about temperature, humidity, and other conditions inside reefer containers. With this information, the carrier can better track the cargo’s condition and identify any potential problems as soon as they arise.
●    Proactive decision-making: With active monitoring data, ONE will be able to make more proactive decisions about cargo handling. 
●    Improved customer service: The line can provide its customers with more detailed information about the condition of their cargo. Using this information will help customers make better supply chain decisions.

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