cargo-partner grows its customs team in US

cargo-partner grows its customs team in US

July 18, 2023

cargo-partner expands its export and import customs clearance services for products entering or departing the United States by road, air, or sea.

The company said it has now increased the size of its specialised customs staff.

With four offices across the United States, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Clarksville, the cargo-partner team provides a full range of air freight, sea freight, and overland storage and transport services, as well as a specialised customs and brokerage service from each location.

“Customs regulations, procedures, and licences can change regularly, which is why we have continued to invest in our expert Customs Clearance Team, ensuring we remain proactive and up-to-date on all requirements,” stated Ralf Schneider, president of cargo-partner USA & Regional Director Americas.

In addition, the US team can provide all customers with in-house import and export customs services, including the creation of paperwork, compliance checklists, and transaction recording, according to the statement.

Ralf Schneider added, “The US team has held its customs and brokerage license for over six years, with an established team of brokerage specialists to support our customers in moving their cargo through borders confidently and legally. To better meet the growing demand for tailor-made customs services from our customers in the USA, we’ve recently appointed a new Customs Brokerage Product Manager, who brings over 30 years of experience to our department.”

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