Allegations of bribery under investigation at Richards Bay


South Africa’s logistics utility, Transnet, has said it is investigating allegations that employees working at the Port of Richards Bay are accepting bribes for certain trucks to skip the coal queue outside the port.

Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) has reportedly added that it has no evidence to support this.

The allegations are nevertheless being taken seriously, and TPT has since stated that it has instituted parallel investigations in partnership with law enforcement agencies.

Singapore supply chain news site Splash 247 quotes Transnet: “In the event that the investigations find that any of the terminals’ employees are guilty of such allegations, our internal disciplinary processes would then run their course.”

TPT said customers, suppliers, and service providers were all included in the investigation as the state-owned entity tries to determine the extent of the reported corrupt activities.

Private-sector stakeholders have been asked to provide information on whether they have received requests directly or indirectly from Transnet employees to pay or provide benefits or favours in return for added privileges or preferential service at Richards Bay.

News of the investigation comes at a time when Transnet’s most north-eastern port in South Africa continues to combat coal truck congestion on the N2 outside Richards Bay.

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