Airship freighter behemoth possible by 2025

Airship freighter behemoth possible by 2025.png

French-Canadian company, Flying Whales, believes it will fly its first airship freighter, capable of carrying 60 tonnes, by 2025 and will build 150 in the next 10 years thereafter to introduce the airfreight innovation where suitable.

The company’s Large Capacity Airship (LCA) 60T will offer a high cargo bay – dimensions: 96m x 8m x 7m – supported by 10 non-pressurized helium cells

Flying Whales started developing the airship, requiring 200 meters for vertical take-off and landing, to transport renewable wood resources from remote locations – a requirement in Canada

“LCA60T’s unique stationary hovering design for loading and unloading is ideal for overcoming numerous logistical and technical problems in remote areas, and it has a remarkably low environmental footprint,” the company said

The airship’s one mega-watt generator will supply electrical power to the electric engines to create a more efficient and sustainable form of travel.  It will be similar to how hybrid-electric automobiles function. The hybrid propulsion system is integrated with a gearbox and a turbine using jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel.

Arnaud Thioulouse, chief executive of Flying Whales Quebec, said: “Today, we are building the expertise and technological advancements for tomorrow’s aeronautics in Canada.”

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