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China’s Economic Recovery Bodes Well For Tanker Demand
China’s Economic Recovery Bodes Well For Tanker Demand The tanker market could soon receive some much welcome boost from China’s financial recovery. According to the...
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November 30th, 2020
Why Local Shipping Companies Are The Best?
Why local shipping companies are the best? Today we live in a world where with the advancement of technology and the Internet, with just one...
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November 30th, 2020
The Global Recovery’s Delay Will Impact The Shipping Market’s Recovery
The Global Recovery’s Delay Will Impact The Shipping Market’s Recovery As long as lockdown measures are in place in many parts of the world, global...
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November 28th, 2020
How Shipping Companies Can Increase Your Profit
How shipping companies can increase your profit Have you ever considered moving and moving furniture? Are you miles away from your supplier? Do you serve...
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November 27th, 2020
Tanker Shipping: Worst Not Yet Over As Industry Pays For Strong Second Quarter
Tanker shipping: worst not yet over as industry pays for strong second quarter This year, tanker shipping will not benefit from the usual strong winter...
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November 26th, 2020
Air Cargo Takes To The World Stage And Will Give Vaccine Distribution Its Best Shot
Air cargo takes to the world stage and will give vaccine distribution its best shot The Load Star reports that air freight will give vaccine...
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November 23rd, 2020
UNCTAD: ‘Recovery Fraught With Uncertainty’
UNCTAD: ‘Recovery fraught with uncertainty’ The Baltic Exchange speaks out UNCTAD's report. International maritime trade is expected to drop by 4.1% this year, with an...
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November 22nd, 2020
Air Carriers Begin Transporting Covid-19 Vaccines
Air carriers begin transporting Covid-19 vaccines The Air Cargo news reported that air carriers has already started shipping the vaccines. They had already begun delivering...
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November 20th, 2020
Shipping Decarbonisation Requires $5bn Investments 
Shipping decarbonisation requires $5bn investments A vast amount of research and development (R&D) at a $5bn cost is required to speed up the roll-out at...
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November 19th, 2020
Boeing Predicts Soaring Need For More Freighters As Trade Recovers
Boeing predicts soaring need for more freighters as trade recovers Boeing predicts that in the next two decades, 60% of the global air cargo fleet...
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November 18th, 2020
IATA Addresses Vaccine Transportation Challenges With New Guidance
IATA addresses vaccine transportation challenges with new guidance Air freight plays a key role in the distribution of vaccines in normal times. This capability will...
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November 17th, 2020
Tanker Owners Could Be In For More Pain
Tanker Owners Could be in For More Pain The Hellenic Shipping News warns "Tanker Owners Could be in For More Pain". The tanker market is...
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November 16th, 2020
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