shipping from china to australia in a global company! | (2021)

shipping from china to australia in a global company! | (2021)

December 7, 2021

Shipping from China to AU is a platform for transformation in our world. Sea and air freight are two freight solutions between China and Australia.

Australia is one of China’s largest customers for exports and ranks 10th in China. In fact, more than a quarter of Australia’s manufacturing imports come from China. A report in September 2019 states that trade between Australia and China is booming. Discover your options for shipping from China to Australia.

Each method of transportation has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we will examine both methods of transportation in more detail:

LCL is popular for smaller shipments for shipping. Cargo less than the capacity of 33 cubic meters is the smallest container.

FCL shipping service to you

Shipping from China to AU with FCL Shipping Services allows you to use and transport containers from China to Australia,Without your cargo occupying a common space with others.

Air freight from China to AustraliaAir freight is the fastest way to import or export from China to Australia. Some shipments can be shipped in just two days.


Transport cargo and relocation

Shipping from China to AU in a pensive way to transport cargo internationally.How much does it cost to ship from China to Australia? If your shipment weighs less than 100 kg, it will be shipped faster by air.

If shipments weighing more than 100 kg are shipped from China to Australia, they will usually cost less to ship. Like almost any other transport, Shipa Freight does not charge for shipments weighing less than 35 kg.

How long does it take to ship from China to Australia?

If your cargo volume is too large to fly, ocean transportation is for you. You must have 12 to 62 days for your goods to be shipped to Australia by an ocean carrier from China.

How long does it take to ship by sea from China to Australia?

As this shipping time typically shows, ocean carriers can deliver your goods from China to Australia in 12 to 62 days:

Guangzhou to Melbourne

24 days LCLGuangzhou to Sydney

35 days FCLFuzhou to Melbourne

25 days LCLGuangzhou to Brisbane

36 days FCLNingbo to Adelaide

29 days FCLNingbo to Brisbane

12 days LCLNingbo to Melbourne

23 days LCLNingbo to Sydney

22 days LCLQingdao to Freemantle

36 days FCLQingdao to Sydney

29 days FCL, 21 days LCLQingdao to Brisbane

21 days LCLShanghai to Brisbane

27 days FCLShanghai to Fremantle

27 days LCLShanghai to Melbourne

28 days FCL, 23 days LCLShanghai to Sydney

27 days FCL, 19 days LCLShekou to Melbourne

25 days FCLShenzhen to Brisbane

19 days LCLShenzhen to Sydney

21 days LCLTianjin to Sydney

31 days FCL, 26 days LCLWuhan to Sydney

36 days FCLXiamen to Sydney

36 days FCLJungshan to Melbourne

24 days LCLHuangpu to Adelaide

62 days LCLHuangpu to Brisbane

24 days LCLHuangpu to Sydney

24 days FCL

27 days LCLNansha to Melbourne

28 days LCLNansha to Sydney

16 days FCL

25 days LCLJungshan to Melbourne

24 days LCLHuangpu to Melbourne

27 days FCL

How long does it take for an air shipment from China to Australia?

Your flight from China to Australia takes between two and eight days, as this list shows:

Guangzhou to Brisbane

4 daysGuangzhou to Melbourne

5 daysZhengzhou to Brisbane

7 daysChengdu to Melbourne

2 daysBeijing

Capital to Brisbane

4 daysBeijing

Capital to Sydney

8 daysShanghai Pudong to Adelaide

Take more titles in continue this article:

2 daysShanghai Pudong or Xiamen to Brisbane

5 daysShanghai Pudong or Xiamen to Melbourne

4 daysShanghai Pudong to Perth

3 daysShanghai Pudong to Sydney

5 daysShenzhen to Perth

5 daysShenzhen to Brisbane

3 daysShenzhen to Sydney

4 daysQingdao to Brisbane

6 days Customs clearance in China and AustraliaCustoms clearance is mandatory for each commercial export from China to Australia. The process is complex. Doing so eliminates the possibility of unnecessary delays affecting your shipping and ensures that your shipment complies with China and Australia shipping laws and regulations.

Do you have to choose sea or air freight?

Ocean transport

Container shipping from China to Australia is a lengthy process, no matter where the cargo is moving, with an average shipping time of two to three weeks. Your cargo is likely to be moved between the port of your choice and the arrival of an ocean liner on a container ship.

Container shipping helps you choose between FCL and LCL ocean shipping.

 LCL freight

LCL shipping can be the most convenient option for your shipment if:

Your shipping from China to AU is not larger than six standard pallets.

The recipient in Australia does not need your goods urgently Your cargo can be safely transported in a shared containerYou do not have access to the ability to load and seal containers in China If:

Your shipment must be with the recipient in Australia on a certain dateYour shipment is delicate and may be damaged if you move or move too muchYour shipment is large and unsuitable for transportation in a shared containerYour goods have only a short shelf life;

so they are unlikely to arrive in Australia in good condition after at least a few weeks at sea.FCL freightImporting from China to Australia using the FCL service can be exactly what you need, especially if;

Your product must be in Australia by a certain dateYour shipment is not suitable for sharing containers with other productsThe supplier can load and seal a container and the receiver can empty itYou ship a large enough shipment to fill at least half the capacity of a 20-foot containerAir transportOcean shipping may not meet your supply chain requirements.


Export from china to Australia:

In this case, air freight is an option to consider, especially if: Delivery speed is higher than cost in priorityYour exports from China to Australia must come quickly Your shipment contains perishable goods that benefit from short shipping timesYour shipment is relatively small – up to three palletsYour goods can be transported safely on the plane Your goods are highly valued and require the extreme levels of security provided by airlines and airport operators.Air and Ocean Transport from China to Australia:

Why Shippa Cargo?Shipa Freight’s first digital approach to international shipping makes importing from China to Australia easier for your business.

Managing the custom in shipping:

We eliminate the stress of shipping by managing the customs clearance process for our customers and providing access to an innovative online platform that simplifies the supply chain.

Choosing Shippa Cargo when importing from China to Australia has the following advantages:

You can get the price of your shipment quicklyBooking and paying for shipping online is easy You can track your shipment from your smart device.

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