Shipping cost from China to USA

Shipping cost from China to USA

December 7, 2021

cheapest way to ship from China is a more highest way for travel.

The shipping rate determines how much the freight will cost from one point to another. The rate is determined according to the type of goods sent, method of transport, dimensional weight of the shipment and the distance to the destination of delivery.


This graphical guide to shipping rates from China to the US uses advanced data to give you a better view of shipping costs from China to the US.

Some factors for affecting transportation rate:

cheapest way to ship from China in all of the time can learning and get knowledge.

Other factors affecting transportation rates include seasonality, current COVID19 events, and capacity.

In addition to shipping rates, the total cost of shipping from China to the United States includes a long list of costs that can be daunting for importers.


Some charts related to shipping rates

Average current rates for:

Ocean FCL

Ocean LCL

Air cargo

Shipping time


More information about transportation for this route:

Ocean shipping from China to the United States

FCL Ocean Transport

FCL, or full container load, means that your goods fill a full container, 20 or 40 inches. If you carry large volumes, you will save time and money by sending FCL. Pricing for FCL is done at a fixed rate, regardless of whether your container is full or not.


LCL Ocean Shipping

cheapest way to ship from China in one way is LCL.

LCL, or less than one container, means that your goods do not fill the entire container and are shipped with other boxes or pallets. Note that when shipping LCL, your goods must be integrated in the port of origin and merged in the port of destination.


why LCL shipping takes a few days longer than FCL

cheapest way to ship from China is Air freight too.

Air freight is usually faster but more expensive than ocean freight, so the mode you choose depends on the size and weight of your shipment and how fast you need it to get to your destination.


Time to ship China to the United StatesShipping, express and air freight time from China to USAHow long does it take to ship from China to the US? Your shipping time is affected by location, shipping size and season.

Shipping times are not always the same. Depending on market conditions, natural practices and other events, shipping may be delayed.

Use the table below to estimate the timing of each shipment from China to the United States.How much does it cost to ship from China to the US?International shipping price calculator and freight rate estimates for freight by ocean, air, and truck

Get estimates from the world’s largest shipping rate database with our freight calculator.

Delays in China shipping

Does China Ship to US?

For shipping from China to the United States, the corona virus has been severely destructive, causing major delays in production and transportation.

Impact of Covid-19 on cheapest way to ship from China:

Production in China has basically returned to normal, but the impact of Covid-19 in the United States poses a number of challenges, including declining demand and potential delays in US ports and warehouses.


In addition, restrictions on air travel both inside and outside the United States have significantly reduced air transportation capacity, limiting space and volatile prices.


cheapest way to ship from China to USA Often the most important shipping factor when shipping from China is cost. Send small packages from ChinaIf you are importing small goods, such as a new product sample, shipping is excessive.

Normal post in shipping from china:

This will cost you more and more time. You are more likely to return to: Normal postPost may be the most cost-effective shipping option for small shipments of light and small products.

For example, China Post offers several mailing options: Air Mail / SAL or Surface Mail for small packages. Air packages, SAL or surface post for large packages;

And EMS / China International Express and EUB priority systems for packages.But first examine each option carefully and then compare it to the courier costs.

The heavier the package, the cheaper the courier (fast shipping) is. While postage will be cheap, you will also have to wait a long time.

Fast cheapest way to ship from China

Fast shipping from China to USAUsing an international courier, also known as fast shipping, is usually more reliable and faster than mail, whether by DHL, UPS or TNT.

As a general rule, with about $ 5 per kilogram, fast shipping is the cheapest mode for small packages or shipments of up to about 150 kg.

But beware, if you are not a registered customer, some couriers will receive astronomical fees.Airfare costs and rates from China to the United StatesStandard air freight, priced at around $ 3 per kilogram, is the cheapest option for shipping between 150 kilograms and 500 kilograms.

Light shipments and weighted shipments

cheapest way to ship from China is related with money.

Very light shipments for their size may cost based on dimensional weight instead of actual weight. Aviation is the fastest distance Fast air freight is a bit more expensive. Shipping rates can vary widely between freight shipments and prices change regularly, so make sure you shop around.

For larger shipments and origin / destination pairs, LCL ocean freight costs may actually be cheaper than air freight costs. Shipping costs and rates from China to the United StatesWhen a shipment weighs more than 500 kg, shipping is the cheapest option.

Ocean transportation offers tremendous scale savings (some ships can carry 20,000 20-foot containers).Some freight forwarding services offer what is often called fast shipping, which is slightly more expensive than regular shipping.

air freight and ocean freight

air freight, ocean freight rates vary widely between shipments, and over time, so again – buy.How can air transport be cheaper than sea transport?Each mode of transport has its own combination of basic and variable costs. Lower base cost modes are cheaper for smaller shipments,

while lower variable weight modes are cheaper options for larger shipments, even if they start with a high base cost.

How long does it take to ship from China to the US? The thumb rules for delivery time (normally) are 1-2 weeks for regular mail, 3 days for fast air freight, 8-10 days for air freight, and 30-40 days for ocean freight.

Normal postShipping from China by surface mail takes forever. China Post offers much faster and more cost-effective options for airmail and express mail (EMS) services, both of which can take between one and two weeks.

US Customs will prioritize the release of packages if there is a problem with the documentation. So, by checking that the supplier receives the documents just before sending, increase your chances for a regular post just one week.

Fast shipping optionsAllow three days when shipping from China by international courier. This includes removing the package from the door of the Chinese supplier, unless the supplier has delivered it in its warehouse. If it is really urgent, there are more expensive premium services that may even be delivered overnight.

how Air transpotstandard come into cheapest way to ship

Air transportStandard air transportation between China and the United States usually takes about 8 to 10 days. It is not that planes are slower.

This is due to the fact that aviation processes are more complex than fast transportation. Fast airline service is usually reduced to 2 to 3 days from standard airline time.Ocean shipping from China to the United StatesAbout 30 to 40 days for a door-to-door shipment from China to the United States, ocean shipping takes the longest time.

This is because ships move much more slowly than airplanes. Beyond the extra preparation required, ocean-going ships also move slower to save fuel (and money). For example,

US Customs requires importers to use a one-time entry guarantee and travel by ocean to obtain ISF bonds. In addition, port congestion, customs delays, and bad weather conditions affect ocean transportation more than air transportation.Ocean Transport offers a superior service.

Depending on your transportation needs, fast shipping may actually reduce shipping time. In some cases, it may even compete with air travel times.

Fast transport works by simplifying ocean transportation processes and only by connecting to faster ocean services and premium transportation services. This makes fast shipping a great option for shipping from China.

Learn more about shipping methods from China to the USJust as cost and speed are important when shipping from China, you should also be aware of some key details and the differences between the different modes.

Normal post

It may be cost-effective to ship small sample packages by regular mail. Also, newly started importers may consider this mode for direct shipping from the factory to the customer – essentially stopping shipping.


This process can be set up quickly to avoid the initial cost of storage costs. But in terms of cost, when sales volume starts to increase, you want to reconsider your strategy.


Fast shipping from China to USA

The two major US domestic couriers, FedEx and UPS, are also popular options for delivering China to the US. The same goes for other major international couriers such as DHL and TNT.


Importers who intend to purchase large quantities of stock and use shipping or air transportation must arrange a test shipment by courier before signing a major contract with a supplier.

This method tests water by selling the product. It also helps to estimate profitability: the cost of this shipment is high for current shipping costs.

Air freight from China to USAThe larger the shipment, the more complex the shipping process. Finding space in an airplane depot is more than just a courier service. And shipments are delivered to facilities where they are first integrated (packaged with other shipments).

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