Reduce E-commerce shipping costs

Reduce E-commerce shipping costs

December 7, 2021

Today, with the advancement of technology, new commercial technologies have been introduced to the market. No matter how far you are from your seller, you can easily buy the goods you need with these technologies. However, in the industry, everyone can sometimes be a seller and sometimes a buyer. If you offer products, this technological advancement is very useful for you. You can send your goods all over the world and make more profit. In online shopping, you are always involved with shipping. If you are a seller, your challenges are greater. What you need to pay attention to is managing your E-commerce shipping costs. This will make a big difference in the profitability of your business. Here we help you to be professional.

What is the first step to reducing E-commerce costs?

How does packaging affect the E-commerce shipping costs?

What effect does a fixed rate have on E-commerce shipping costs?

Is searching for ideal price important?

Does weight play a role in reducing E-commerce shipping costs?

Have a plan

Keeping shipping prices low is especially important for those of you who have E-commerce. Constantly weigh the pros and cons of the options available to you. And come up with an overall strategy. Then do the rest. As a result, turn your online sales into a strong business.

Use light packaging

The lower the weight of the package, the lower the costs. Thus use light packaging materials such as bubble wrap or Air pillow. It is better to use the packaging of the selected carrier company. Because its size is standard and you do not want to pay extra. But most importantly, make sure that the packaging material protects your product. It is helpful for you to save your E-commerce shipping costs.

Commercial product packaging

When designing the original packaging, use lightweight materials to make it. Because it affects the weight of the good. Be careful that the packaging is small, attractive and lightweight. There are different types of packaging.

Use fixed rate shipping

When it comes to E-commerce, partner with a carrier company that offer fixed rates for your shipping. In general, shipping costs are never fixed because they depend on the price of fuel and other things. If you have significant shipping, this price fluctuation will be to your detriment. So take our advice.

Fixed rate services do not depend on the weight and size of your goods. Because in any case the rate is fixed. Thus, it is the best strategy to reduce E-commerce shipping costs.

Research to find your ideal rate

Take the time to research the best price for your E-commerce. Despite the Internet and advanced technologies, this is very easy. Also, with the pandemic and the closure of places, online commerce has flourished. As a result, there is a lot of competition between companies and you can definitely find your price. So look for that and negotiate. For example, the APC company offers a much lower price than FedEx. It delivers the goods to the nearest post office of the final destination. This is very helpful for saving your E-commerce shipping costs.

Another way is to have good relationships with those in the shipping industry such as supplier, freight forwarder and account Manager As a result, you can easily consult with experienced people. Also in this case, they are watching your profit and loss. Large companies are built on excellent relationships.

Buy in bulk to reduce E-commerce shipping costs

It does not matter if you are a buyer or a seller, buy bulk goods if you want to reduce shipping costs. This saves significant E-commerce shipping costs.

Keep your shipping materials

To save on E-commerce shipping costs, do not throw away the packaging or boxes of your goods. And use them next time.

Hold the goods weight number at the bottom of the mode

One of the most important factors in determining the E-commerce shipping costs is weight. In this industry, the normal and volumetric weights are used. For example, USPS carrier company uses normal weight for invoicing. But most other companies use the volumetric weight such as DHL and FedEx.

In USPS, if it weighs less, it is more economical. So, choose your carrier company wisely according to the weights of your product.

How to calculate the volumetric weight: (L×W×H) / dimension factor

Final thought

Your goal for reducing E-commerce shipping costs should be to make quality and affordable choices. Also, always consider the health and safety of the product when choosing. Certainly you do not want to deliver the damaged product to the customer at the end. The health and quality of the product is your credit.

You can offer free or cheap delivery to attract customers. If you can not provide free services, include the shipping price in the price of the goods. But be careful not to raise the price of goods unreasonably. And the customer stops buying.

Be smart when reducing your E-commerce shipping costs and do not sacrifice quality for low cost.

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