Moving the vaccine will be “biggest security challenge for a generation”0 (0)

Moving the vaccine will be “biggest security challenge for a generation”
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November 29, 2020

The Load Star speaks of the TAPA warning about the security challenge of moving the vaccine. It has warned that the shipping of Covid-19 vaccines presents the “biggest security challenge for a generation” in supply chains.

We need 7 bn to 19 bn doses of vaccine to completely eradicate the Covid-19. It is enabling 60-70% of the global population to gain immunity and to stop the virus from spreading. Therefore, according to the association, pharma supply chains have “unprecedented demands”. But the air freight industry will be ready to ensure doses of the vaccine reach the globe safely and securely.

The air freight industry is preparing for the widespread distribution of the vaccine. However, the TAPA Middle East and Africa (EMEA) said companies should leave no stone unturned when assessing cargo security risks. “Because the threat of cargo theft is never far away”.

Thorsten Neumann believes that crime groups (OCGs) will be fully aware of the value of vaccine doses. They are probably looking for a way to intercept these shipments and steal them. “As we have already seen this year with the high number of thefts of (PPE) from supply chains, cargo thieves are very active in targeting Covid-related products so, as industry, we must be ready,” he said.

He suggested that TAPA members involved in vaccine distribution can use the tools to reduce these crimes. They can use the cargo crime intelligence tools and industry standards. The IIS allows members to view trends related to registered thefts of drug cargoes.

In terms of cargo security, the actual cost of losing drug shipments is 5-7 times the value of the product. Not to mention the damage to companies’ reputation. Because it creates the domino effect. According to him, Product losses are clearly the biggest threat. But contamination of drug shipments during theft can be just as damaging.

From 1 November 2019 to 1 November 2020, TAPA reported 58 incidents in pharmaceuticals. They had total loss value of more than €11 mln, or €189,000 per crime.

The doctors are still treating over 50 mln confirmed cases of the virus. Also the tragic losses are more than 1.2 mln lives. The world is waiting for a vaccine to deliver long-awaited health. TAPA is also ready to offer any help we can.

Also if you need more details, check the source.

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