Emirates Sky Cargo maintains perishables supply chains

Emirates Sky Cargo maintains perishables supply chains

May 13, 2021

The Air Cargo News reports that the Emirates Sky Cargo maintains a perishable chain. It believes that during this time it has worked to maintain perishables supply chain. It is also working quickly to restore the global connection of its cargo.

Hence, the company has increased its network goals. It raised them from 35 in March to 130 in October. It also provided air freight capacity for its freighter aircraft and in the belly hold of passenger flights. According to the company, Emirates planes carry about 500 tons of food a day around the world.

In addition, they carry other food such as:

  • Coconuts and jack fruit from Thailand
  • Mango from India
  • Cheese from France and Italy
  • Blueberries from the UK
  • Salmon from Norway
  • Cherries from the Chile
  • Seafood from Pakistan
  • Cooked products from the Netherlands
  • Tropical fruits from Vietnam
  • And Sweet potatoes from Egypt

All these items are transmitted daily by Emirates flights through its global networks. This company considers itself a responsible company. Therefore, in this crisis, it cares about the social issues. They ensure sufficient cargo capacity on aircraft to carry medical supplies and foodstuffs during COVID-19. By doing so, the company can help countries and supermarkets preserve their food. At the same time, it helps farmers who depend on food exports to continue their livelihoods in this situation.

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