Bunkering of a new-generation LNG-powered container ships begins in Rotterdam

Bunkering of a new-generation LNG-powered container ships begins in Rotterdam

November 29, 2020

Container shipping Company CMA CGM will expand its use of liquified natural gas (LNG) to 26 vessels. The CMA CGM Group has embarked on a major program to build a new class of liquefied natural gas-powered vessels. This is part of their effort to take the energy of the shipping industry to the next level. CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE is the largest container ship in the world powered by LNG. The ship also began its first operation in Rotterdam yesterday. In addition, the port of Rotterdam will play a key role in refueling the Group’s LNG-powered fleet.

A fleet of 26 LNG-powered container ships by 2022

In November 2017, Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, made the visionary decision to order nine 23,000 TEUs with an LNG power supply. This is the first time in the history of the country’s shipping industry. It will operate on the Group’s iconic French Asia Line (FAL 1) connecting Asia with Europe. The line also provides a weekly service comprising 13 calls over 84 days.

the CMA CGM Group now operates seven LNG-powered container ships. Also they will have a fleet of 26 container ships of various sizes by 2022.

LNG, a visionary decision to preserve air quality and to adopt an energy source with a bright future

LNG is currently the state-of-the-art industry solution for preserving air quality. It delivers a reduction of 99% in sulfur dioxide and fine particle emissions and of 85% in nitrogen oxide emissions. LNG also provides an initial response to the challenge of tackling climate change. An LNG-powered vessel also emits up to 20% less CO2 than fuel-powered systems. This technology is one of the earliest ways that the CMA CGM Group uses. Their goal is to support the carbon-neutral by 2050. This decision demonstrated the CMA CGM Group’s resolve to champion the energy transition in the sea freight sector.

World first: start of the largest LNG bunkering operation ever

CMA CGM is carrying out in Rotterdam the largest bunkering operation ever undertaken for a container ship. CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE has a tank of 18,600 cubic meters and refuels with LNG. Once bunkering is complete, she will continue on her maiden voyage, which began after she joined the fleet on September 22.

CMA CGM is establishing a world-class new LNG hub for the shipping industry in Rotterdam

CMA CGM is seeking to establish a genuine center of excellence in LNG for the shipping industry. Also, Rotterdam port is now becoming a world-class hub for LNG. As a result, this will takes the shipping industry’s energy transition to the next level. The Port of Marseille Fos will also become a gas bunkering hub for the CMA CGM Group’s vessels.

Rodolphe Saadé commented:

The energy transition is well and truly underway at CMA CGM. As of today, our flagship is powered using Liquefied Natural Gas. By 2022, our LNG-powered fleet will be 26 strong. Through this initiative we are directly addressing the environmental challenges we are faced with. As well as being reliable, LNG is the best available technology for significantly improving air quality and contributing towards tackling global warming”.

Also for more details, you can check the CMA CGM Group report.

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