Gantry crane topples, kills three security guards

Three people were killed when a crane collapsed at the inland Wuhu Shipyard in China on Friday night. A heavy storm lashed the city of Wuhu in Anhui province on Friday, recording wind speeds of Force 12.  The powerful winds toppled a 450-tonne gantry crane at the shipyard. The crane smashed into a security guard […]

ABP’s Port of Ipswich marks record cargo throughput

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UK’s port and terminal operator Associated British Ports (ABP) announced that the Port of Ipswich handled over 1 million tonnes of exports and imports from the start of the year until the end of May 2023. ABP highlighted that it is making 2023 a record-breaking year for the port’s role in supporting British trade and […]

Air Freight Shipping Documents

Air Freight Shipping Documents

Air freight shipping is a pivotal part of the global force chain, allowing businesses to transport goods snappily and efficiently between countries. still, before your goods can be loaded onto an aeroplane and transferred on their way, it’s important to insure that all necessary attestation is in order. In this composition, we will take a near look at some of the crucial air freight shipping documents that you need to be apprehensive of. Marketable Tab A marketable tab is a document that accompanies your payload and provides details about the goods being transported. This includes information similar as the volume, description, value, and weight of the goods, as well as the names and addresses of the buyer and dealer. The marketable tab is used by customs officers to determine the quantum of duty and levies that need to be paid before the goods can be released into the country. Air Waybill The air waybill( AWB) is a legal contract between the shipper and the carrier that outlines the terms and conditions of the transportation agreement. […]

Slowdowns led to weekend closures at Port of Seattle, PMA says


The Port of Seattle was reportedly closed over the weekend, as another dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and their employers bubbled into slowdowns at marine terminals. “On the second and third shift [Friday], work slowdowns directed by ILWU officials brought ground operations at marine terminals to a halt, resulting in longshore workers […]

Ore Corridor reopens after repairs are completed


Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) resumed its core Ore Corridor operations after a derailment last week, the state-owned entity announced on Friday. TFR said in a statement that it had completed all the necessary repairs and safety assessments at the derailment site.  Twenty iron ore-loaded wagons had derailed at Loop 9 and 10 near Loeriesfontein in […]

Four STS cranes to boost APM Terminals Mumbai capabilities

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The final batch of equipment at APM Terminals in Mumbai, India arrived on 20 May through the vessel Zhenhua 24, which carried four ship-to-shore (STS) cranes. According to APM Terminals, the crane offloading finished by the end of May. The terminal operator said it is working hard to commission its new equipment and reopen the […]

Sustainability and green logistics: reshaping the supply chain


The rise of sustainable practices and green logistics is revolutionizing the supply chain industry. Companies across various sectors are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt environmentally friendly practices in their logistics operations. This trend is being driven by both consumer demand for environmentally conscious products and a growing awareness of the impact […]

SGL unfurl banners in Kenya


Scan Global Logistics (SGL) is bolstering its position in the rapidly developing African continent with its inaugural branch in Nairobi, Kenya. As stated in an official announcement, the Danish multinational company already maintains a strong presence in Western Africa, with established offices in Togo, Benin, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, and South Africa. SGL declared that […]